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Killzone 2
Tim Spaeth
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14 years ago

Killzone 2 what a brilliant game. excellent graphics realistic sound and various tactics that can be used to eliminate enemies in singleplayer and multiplayer, also the extra of having to hold the sixaxis controller still while sniper aiming made you feel as if you really are aiming down that scope. On the down side The maps are highly unrealistic also when you start multiplayer you have a very limited supply of guns and this is a down side as you have to rank up a considerable amount before you are able to shoot with guns that you like. Overall a… Read more »

The Shaun
14 years ago

Killzone 2 is a FPS that all type of players can get into from a multiplayer standpoint. Players get frustrated with other FPS games as the only path to success lies in being the best killer on the field. KZ2 adds the variety of games styles that allow players to be successful in many ways by allowing for medic, tatician and engineer classes. Other games such as Team Fortress 2 and Resistence 2 have offered class systems yet not to this degree. Resistence 2 only allows for this type of class system to be used in Co-op multiplayers and TF2… Read more »

Chi Kong Lui
Chi Kong Lui
14 years ago

We’re doing our podcast recording tonight. If you’d like us to read and discuss your comments, please post them asap. If you’d like to actually be heard on our podcast, please send us your feedback in MP3.

James Wong
14 years ago

I can only speak for the single player campaign, as I don’t do multiplayer all that often, lately. My afterthought of Killzone 2: Black-meets-Gears of War 2. Loosely. Movement and shooting feels beefier/heavier, the graphics are great and the camera work/presentation are solid throughout. The cover system is there for your use, but not required. Gameplay is solid, but nothing far too innovative – Guerrilla paces each mission well and enables the player to explore in some cases while working within the confines of the levels in others. Fighting the enemy feels organic enough (they aren’t the smartest AI, but… Read more »

jacob Harris
jacob Harris
14 years ago

graphics: 10
Sound : 8
Story : 7
lasting appeal: 8
gameplay: 8

thats my opinion, the reason i don’t love the game play is that the cover system can be annoying and that the guns have no satisfaction, grenades don’t have a grenadey feeling.
graphics are amazing but don’t make the game and the story and sound aren’t brilliant.
The online doesn’t have an addictive feeling and is no better gameplay-wise then the campaign.

overall: 8/10