3DS! PSP! Smartphones! Which represents the true future of mobile gaming? Plus: Our most anticipated titles of 2011, and you'll struggle to hold back tears as Richard becomes a man. (NOTE: We recorded this episode before the big PSP2/NGP announcement—you'll marvel at the semi-accuracy of our predictions!) Featuring Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard Naik, and Tim "The Timely Producer" Spaeth.

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Tim Spaeth

Tim Spaeth

Cleveland native Tim Spaeth grew up in a happy household – a household with a father whose major client happened to be an Atari games distributor. This led directly to Tim's first nickname: "The kid who got Atari games before anyone else." Indeed, he knew Pac-Man and E.T. were colossal bombs weeks before the rest of the world, and the resulting celebrity brought him great pleasure.

Through the years every aspect of Tim's life has been touched by gaming. He mastered typing thanks to Space Quest, honed his poker skills on The Sierra Network, and learned to hate after a particularly traumatic game of Tecmo Super Bowl.

Today, Tim lives in Chicago with his three kids and strives to find that perfect balance between family, career, and Warcraft. He enjoys broadcasting, martial arts, rock and roll, growing and shaving his beard, singing show tunes to the homeless, and losing at Mario Kart to his lovely, talented, and amazing girlfriend.

In late 2008, Tim became the producer and host of the GameCritics.com Podcast, and he's thrilled to be bringing GameCritics' unique editorial voice to a brand new medium.
Tim Spaeth

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Richard Naik

Meh-it’s not a big deal. Like I said I rarely do mobile gaming anyway.

I read Murch’s letter and he’s spot-on. When I’m looking at a 3-D image it just feels like I’m straining harder to keep up. I guess my eyes are just more sensitive to it than most.


Walter Murch’s argument against 3D:


Good podcast, Poor Richard… 😉

I think the discussion about the price point of the games is the kicker, although I think the 3DS is going to be marketed to the under 15 crowd, so it might not matter. Super Shoveltech, super shovelware. I think this will be a step backward for Nintendo and a chance for Sony to take the lead.

I particularly liked the gypsy swing intermission and of course the Tic Tac Dough theme! Tim Spaeth=Wink Martindale?


I listened to your segment about iPhone/Cellphone gaming…and here’s stuff I didn’t hear (that are all dealbreakers): Touch Screen Input: While certain games like Plants vs. Zombies may benefit from a touch screen input method, games like “NOVA” and basically any game that requires on-screen buttons are downright terrible to play. Try playing ANY of those games for any significant amount of time and tell me your experience would NOT have benefited A LOT with the addition of physical buttons. You won’t. And that’s why the “best” iOS/Android/etc. games are those puzzle, “tap heavy” titles. iTunes: I’m not a Mac… Read more »

Is there some way we could get a list of the GC crew’s top recommendations of iPhone/Android games?

The Android app market, at least, is a mess, and finding good games is rough. It’d be much appreciated if you guys could share maybe your top 5 or top 10 games for iPhone and/or Android. I’d love to do more gaming on my Droid.