Deadly Premonition: Shovelware or Game of the Year? We're pretty enamored with it, and we spend the entire show telling you why. We discuss its critical response, its connection to Twin Peaks, the mystique of Francis York Morgan, and why it may feature the best storytelling in the history of games. A NOTE ABOUT SPOILERS: The first half of the show is spoiler-free; the second half is spoiler-packed. We tell you when to stop listening if you want to experience the ending yourself (which you absolutely should). Featuring Brad Gallaway, Dan Weissenberger, Richard Naik, and Tim "Call Me Tim" Spaeth.

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Tim Spaeth

Tim Spaeth

Cleveland native Tim Spaeth grew up in a happy household – a household with a father whose major client happened to be an Atari games distributor. This led directly to Tim's first nickname: "The kid who got Atari games before anyone else." Indeed, he knew Pac-Man and E.T. were colossal bombs weeks before the rest of the world, and the resulting celebrity brought him great pleasure.

Through the years every aspect of Tim's life has been touched by gaming. He mastered typing thanks to Space Quest, honed his poker skills on The Sierra Network, and learned to hate after a particularly traumatic game of Tecmo Super Bowl.

Today, Tim lives in Chicago with his three kids and strives to find that perfect balance between family, career, and Warcraft. He enjoys broadcasting, martial arts, rock and roll, growing and shaving his beard, singing show tunes to the homeless, and losing at Mario Kart to his lovely, talented, and amazing girlfriend.

In late 2008, Tim became the producer and host of the Podcast, and he's thrilled to be bringing GameCritics' unique editorial voice to a brand new medium.
Tim Spaeth

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Chi Kong Lui

Clevelan, it’s comments like yours that make all our effort seem worthwhile. So on behalf of our staff, thank you for your inspiring words.

Clevelan, a french-canadian disciple
Clevelan, a french-canadian disciple
I would like to thank all of the GC crew for dedicating it’s time to the gaming culture. In times of ”AAA Games” disappointments, I found myself captivated by your honnest opinions, and guts to stand still against this giant media wave that surrounds your work. I found the website’s existence one year ago, while browsing through Halo 3 reviews, then, found out Daniel Weissenberger’s striking point of view about it and started to priorise the crew’s opinion. I finally founded some materialised thoughts about major dissapointments I had, and a independent source I could relate to. I started to… Read more »

I’ve been looking forward to its release in the UK and having finally played and completed it, I am disappointed and thrilled in equal measure.

In any case I totally disagree this game should be awarded game of the year status.

It may have a wonderful story, charming setting, kooky characters, great voice acting, but the appalling technical execution must count against it to some extent at least.

If you want to ignore the latter, then go and read a book or watch a film!

Final rating: 7/10

Jeffrey Matulef

Gog’s comment reminds me that I meant to check out Alone in the Dark (Inferno at least). I then looked up Brad’s review which has me totally sold on that one. Looking for a copy now…


Thank you for the in-depth analysis — I love these podcasts! Deadly Premonition proves to be a worthy successor to the Heavy Rain Podcast. Any ideas for upcoming single-game-podcast-discussion-extravaganzas?

Unfortunately, I haven’t finished the game, so I’ve only listened to half of it so far. Can’t wait!

Thanks for all you do!

I’m very happy Deadly Premonition is finally getting the attention and respect it deserves, and I agree with most of what has been said in this podcast. I smiled more than a few times over the course of the discussion and your observations about the ending and Zach were well thought-out. On the other hand, while I do agree that the combat feels like it’s out of place, I didn’t find it as tedious or hard as you all make it out to be. Sure it was crap, but the controls are easy to get accustomed to, and it is… Read more »

The first Baten Kaitos is the only game I remember playing has the ”protagonist’s advisor”.

I love how people are still talking about this game over half a year after it was actually released. I assumed the new wave of UK gamers will rekindle that excitement as well. Anyway, ‘cast added to the site, very good insights all around; one of my favorite parts was talking about the subplots, which don’t often get discussed in most reviews, but which are one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game if you can take the time to complete them. Great observation about DP “redeeming” Twin Peaks. The bitterness surrounding the production of the ending of Lynch’s… Read more »
Richard Naik

It was honor to have the closing song.