From Kratos to Zelda, from Neo to Scorpio, and from LeVar Burton to the Ends of the Earth, it’s our annual roundup of gaming’s biggest week. E3! What more could you possibly need to know? Featuring Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Richard Naik, Corey Motley, and Tim “Gauntlet Schmauntlet” Spaeth.

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Tim Spaeth

Tim Spaeth

Cleveland native Tim Spaeth grew up in a happy household – a household with a father whose major client happened to be an Atari games distributor. This led directly to Tim's first nickname: "The kid who got Atari games before anyone else." Indeed, he knew Pac-Man and E.T. were colossal bombs weeks before the rest of the world, and the resulting celebrity brought him great pleasure.

Through the years every aspect of Tim's life has been touched by gaming. He mastered typing thanks to Space Quest, honed his poker skills on The Sierra Network, and learned to hate after a particularly traumatic game of Tecmo Super Bowl.

Today, Tim lives in Chicago with his three kids and strives to find that perfect balance between family, career, and Warcraft. He enjoys broadcasting, martial arts, rock and roll, growing and shaving his beard, singing show tunes to the homeless, and losing at Mario Kart to his lovely, talented, and amazing girlfriend.

In late 2008, Tim became the producer and host of the GameCritics.com Podcast, and he's thrilled to be bringing GameCritics' unique editorial voice to a brand new medium.
Tim Spaeth

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Little late, but just finished listening to this episode. Just wanted to say, I received a free Samsung Gear VR set. Arrived about a month ago. Have used it twice, yet not to play any games. Not to say I don’t want to try out a game, just currently I have a “meh” feeling towards it all.

Did watch a Jurassic Park dinosaur encounter. That was pretty radical, but not interactive.


Really enjoyed the well-engineered shambles that was The Gauntlet, nicely done getting everyone to vote on games they despised. 😉

Excellent show, cheers. Enjoyed Corey’s contribution as he displayed a satisfactory amount of hatred/disdain at various times; it’s like the torch has been passed.

Unfortunately I’ve forgotten what it was you asked us to discuss in the comments, Tim, but good work.

Corey Motley

The funny thing is I didn’t even mean to despise so many games. There were just a lot of things announced or talked about that I didn’t care much for. I swear I’m excited for some stuff – Dishonored 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Inside, Resident Evil 7, Here they Lie, Watch Dogs 2 … I just didn’t have time to talk about everything I liked. Hah. Oh well, I’m glad you enjoyed it, sir.


Awesome quick turn around to publishing the podcast guys. Way quicker then before and super appreciated. On what media to check for gameplay coverage at E3, The PS4 has a E3 live cast similar to Gamespot and IGN – But I think better. Don’t watch live, watch the replay. Too much downtime. For eg with Gravity Rush 2, the Live Cast got a live demo of the opening part of the game, instead of game spot and IGN getting the same pre-played video replay of the game. Same live gameplay for a couple of other big games. There’s far more… Read more »