Firewatch! It’s a thing. To tell you any more would enter spoiler territory. However! There is a special spoiler segment from about 0:26 to 0:53 if you’re into that. Also we dive again in Felipe’s Mailbag, and come away with the one nerd question to rule them all-who is the best Star Trek Captain? Featuring Tim Speath, Chi Kong Lui, Richard Naik, and Corey Motley.

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Tim Spaeth
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6 years ago

It was pure nerd gold, one of the best episodes to date. 🙂

6 years ago

I don’t mind the spoiler section for games being in the podcast, but in the future can you include them at the end of the podcast rather than in the middle? That makes it a lot easier to skip over the ones I don’t want to hear yet if I don’t have to try to find the place where the regular podcast stuff picks back up.