According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence

Parents: Shadow of Rome is very deserving of its M rating. Not only is it rife with beheadings and dismemberment, but the game rewards the player's greusomeness with bonus points and clever move titles. (Agrippa can attack someone who's already writhing in pain for a "Sadist's Utopia," and then there's "Urine Trouble"β€”the less said about that move, the better).

Compulsive gamers will have plenty of things to unlock and personal bests to beat.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers get half-forgotten, unfortunately. While all the story scenes have subtitles, other important sounds do not. The crowd often throws weapons and food into the arena, shouting, "Use this!" Without this auditory cue, it can be hard to snatch an item before an enemy does. In Octavianus's stealth missions, I often heard enemies before I saw them.

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