As Gus Mastrapa writes in GameLife, Platinum Games's upcoming brawler Bayonetta will feature a mode which allows gamers to play through the entire game using a single button. The title, which will be released for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, is, essentially, a mainstream one-switch game.

While some gamers respond to this news with eye-rolling and masturbation jokes I think integrating single-switch gameplay into a mainstream title is a wonderful idea. Very Easy Automatic Mode is just that—a mode. Players don't have to use this option if the don't want to. But this mode opens the game up to players with motor and intellectual disabilities. While I doubt that Bayonetta will be a system-seller for players with disabilities, I do hope that what Hideki Kamiya and company are doing here encourages other developers to plan for disabled gamers when designing their projects.

Tera Kirk
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Barrie Ellis
13 years ago

My gob is smacked! What fantastic news. Thanks for posting this Tera! More please!