According to the ESRB, this game contains: Blood, Crude Humor, Mature Sexual Themes, Mild Violence

Parents should know that, while La Pucelle Tactics is awfully cute, it's not entirely family-friendly. Prier and her friends (human and otherwise) swear, talk to a goddess who I don't think is wearing clothes, and pee on fires. There are also some minor references to S & M—yes, that S & M. Players can buy a "bondage suit" which helps convert monsters. Late in the game a couple of characters die after spilling cartoonish pools of blood.

Logophiles will like that the game features both English and Japanese language tracks, with English subtitles.

Deaf and hard of hearing gamers should have no trouble with La Pucelle Tactics. There are no significant auditory cues and speech is captioned, except for battle exclamations that aren't necessary for following the game.

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