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The Bridge Crew 13: The Scent of Champions

We tackle the age old question: What does a starship need with a theme song? Plus! Hades, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Your Bridge Crew explores a galaxy of topics, including toddler roundball, comfort gaming, League of Legends, Activision Blizzard and the end of WoW, Final Fantasy XIV, and we settle the debate over which is superior: Saints Row 3 or 4. One shall stand! One shall fall!

The Bridge Crew 10: Lay Down Your Burdens

Four months later! Your command staff catches up on family, sports, politics, and a whole lot of game business, including Tim’s Top Ten of 2020, Richard’s return to Devil May Cry, and our look back at The Polynomial. Plus: The Steam Randomizer comes through for Richard at last. We missed you! Welcome back!