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Echo Review

Copycat Killer App

HIGH Feels incredibly fresh and innovative.

LOW Trades innovation for harsh difficulty spikes later on.

WTF The protagonist’s name is… En?

Interview with Martin Emborg of Ultra Ultra

Ultra Ultra is a new indie studio born from eight former IO Interactive (HitmanKane & Lynch) employees in Denmark. They’ve worked on hard-hitting action titles and slow-burn stealth, so now they’re putting all that experience into their first title, ECHO — a gorgeous gothic sci-fi stealth/action hybrid title coming Spring 2017 to Steam and consoles. Gone are the burly men and chest-high walls of last-gen, now replaced by a dark wonderland that brings to mind Remember Me and Chronicles of Riddick.

I had the privilege of interviewing ECHO‘s lead director and CEO of Ultra Ultra Martin Emborg, learning a few new details about his team’s ambitious foray onto the independent scene.