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Brink Review

Me Shoot Now

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HIGH Seeing the credits roll came as a nice relief.

LOW Certain game-types can last fifteen agonizing minutes, regardless of the win conditions.

WTF "New Audio Log Unlocked!" AWESOME!!

Brink and links

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If you're interested in reading more about female representation in customizable games, Kotaku reposted my recent blog about Brink's sausagefest status and there are quite a few comments following after. I haven't read the entire thread, but it seems pretty clear that there are a lot of opinions out there… in any event, I'm not going to get back into that whole issue right now but I will say two more quick things on it.

Brink: No Girls Allowed

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So, a while ago I blogged about Crackdown 2 and how players don't have the ability to have a female avatar. In today's scene, the developers' claims of technical limitations preventing them from including a non-male choice didn't ring true with me, and I was quite disappointed to hear that no efforts were being made to include female models.