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Beats – Review

As polished and colourful as Phase is, playing Beats on PSP afterwards feels like being sat next to a giant subwoofer in the trendiest, spaciest club in town. This is very much rhythm action seen through a Tetsuya Mizuguchi kaleidoscope.

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat – Review

Contrary to what other lazy reviewers (and I suppose I mean that literally) have said, the fitness aspect is really now a fringe benefit rather than the focus. Sony's London Studio should be applauded for testing themselves with such a peculiar and unprecedented goal as teaching a specific martial art, but sadly Kinetic Combat is not the inspirational software it could have been.

EyeToy: Kinetic Combat – Consumer Guide

  Parents can be assured that there is no offensive content in this fitness game except for the sparring fights that take place against one of four symbolic animals (Dragon, Tiger, Mantis and Phoenix). Aside from this non-explicit violence towards (virtual) animals, the only reason I can imagine the title […]

Eyetoy: Kinetic – Review

Like Play and SingStar before it, Kinetic offers us a fresh and, crucially, fun new way to play with our PS2s. It's another casual revolution in game design that's destined to fly under the radar of dyed-in-the-wool gamers as they pore over shots of the next gen consoles' shiny plastic casings.

Eyetoy: Kinetic – Consumer Guide

I'd think most Parents are unlikely to find their younger children pining for an exercise game this Christmas, but if this is the case then they can rest assured these are thematically dry workouts which invite about as much prurient interest as an Olympic gymnastics event. Far more significant is […]

World Tour Soccer 2006 – Review

There's a crucial choice that every game based on real-world sports has to make. That choice is whether the game will aspire to simulating the real-world sport as closely as possible or whether to create an entertaining gameplay system that calls to mind a sport without really hewing close to the reality of it.

World Tour Soccer 2006 – Consumer Guide

Parents should have absolutely no concerns about their children playing this game. Hardcore soccer fans are advised to wait for the next iterations of FIFA or Winning Eleven, depending on which way you swing. Fans of soccer management simulation should get Football Manager/Worldwide Soccer Manager. Deaf and Hard of Hearing […]

The Getaway: Black Monday – Review

Well, the gameplay still sucks. 2003's The Getaway was an attempt to raise videogames to the level of interactive film. One of the main ways they attempted to do this was by removing all obvious signs of "gameness"—no health bars, no ammo counters, no maps. Players were (in theory), left with a seamless playable movie.

Eye Toy: Groove – Review

More than half a year has passed since EyeToy first hit store shelves. Continuing to wax poetic on the gimmicky-coolness of the camera itself would be unfair to people who might buy Groove on the strength of potential alone.