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PREVIEW Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

EA and Respawn gave GameCritics a chance to preview Star Wars: Jedi Survivor last week, and we were happy to accept since the sequel to 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a hotly-anticipated title coming up on the heels of several major media pushes from the Star Wars universe. It’s the perfect storm of Star Wars synergy right now, and despite my own lapsed fandom, I was curious to see what Respawn was bringing to the table this time around. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Second Opinion

All The Force Puns Were Taken. It’s A Great Videogame.

HIGH Mike was right. Deflecting blaster shots is pretty dope.

LOW Failing that damn Padawan wallrunning test twenty times

WTF Dear EA, Please fire the dolt in marketing who spoiled the coolest reveal in a commercial.

Apex Legends Review


HIGH The exciting swell of the soundtrack when dropping in.

LOW Most of the guns hold extremely small clips.

WTF It’s the rare battle royale game that doesn’t feel like a me-too rush job.

Titanfall – Expedition Map Pack

Titanfall's first expansion pack has arrived, offering three new maps on which robots can punch humans into chunky red jelly. Actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration, as two of the three maps have something of a design flaw, in that they're so cramped that it's nearly impossible to effectively […]

Titanfall Review (Xbox One)


Titanfall Review Screenshot

HIGH Accidentally dashing over an enemy Pilot and gaining some unearned points.

LOW Accidentally being stepped on by an enemy Titan and giving him some unearned points.

WTF I've played a lot of the campaign and I still don't know why anything is happening.

Titanfall Review (Xbox 360)

Love the sizzle, but it needs more steak

Titanfall Review Screenshot

HIGH The Titans are pretty sweet pieces of machinery. Also, female Pilots!

LOW The frequency of getting killed going toe-to-toe with other Pilots.

WTF Is everybody playing this on speed, or am I just that slow? Oh.

Titanfall Beta Preview

Titan fell

My first and only experience with multiplayer-only online shooters was a few years back when I reviewed Battlefield 2142, a game that features the exact same premise and publisher as Titanfall. Judging it against its most similar competition, Titanfall is a far better game than B:2142, but leaving it there would be to damn the game with faint praise.