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VIDEO PREVIEW: Alone in the Dark (2023)

Alone in the Dark is back! After a 15 year absence — and yes, I’m aware of the terrible co-op shooter from 2015, it doesn’t count – the literal first name in survival horror is back! GameCritics was invited to an online preview event, and I have thoughts!

Resident Evil 4 (2023) Review

HIGH Leon’s new defensive knife skills are an inspired addition.

LOW Some of the craziest moments of the original campaign are no more.

WTF Leon evading a dual chainsaw attack in the most bizarre and dangerous way possible.

Tormented Souls Review

These Secrets Weren’t Buried Deep Enough

HIGH Finding out how Caroline lost her eye.

LOW A puzzle completely unplayable to people with hearing issues.

WTF There are ranged enemies in a fixed-camera game. Madness.