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Two Worlds II Review

Redemption Song

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HIGH One of the most surprising and substantial improvements in quality, ever.

LOW The major boss battles can be a little sketchy.

WTF So why is it called "Two Worlds"? I only see one here…

About my book, Two Worlds II and the BBC’s Jekyll

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I was really hoping to finish the game and get my review up as close to the launch window as possible, but it's a pretty sizable title any way you slice it, and pursuing even a small number of the sidequests makes it even longer. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining—I've definitely enjoyed all the time spent with it so far, it's just tough to balance playing quickly and playing thoroughly.

A quick and dirty hands-on impressions of Southpeak’s Two Worlds II

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If you follow console games at all, it's pretty likely that you've heard of Two Worlds. Released in 2007 for PC and Xbox 360, it was quickly greeted as a colossal failure and one of the poorest pieces of software to hit retail at that time. The reviews were absolutely scathing, and the title quickly became a running joke in the industry—even a bit legendary, really.