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CARTOON TIME: SilverHawks, 37 Years Later

So, SilverHawks is a bit of a weird one. If you’re a kid who grew up in the ‘80s (or if you’re a retro lover who came to the cartoons of that era later) you might be familiar with this Rankin-Bass production. If you haven’t seen it, SilverHawks is about a group of cyborg police, sent from Earth to the faraway galaxy of Limbo and stationed at a floating space-base called Hawk Haven.  Their goal?  To crack down on Mon*Star and his Mob in order to keep the good citizens of Limbo safe.

Master of Orion 3 – Review

The Master Of Orion series has been held in high regard by strategy gamers alongside other turn-based gems like Civilization and Master Of Magic. In each, the player takes control as the leader of a tribe or race from its inception and attempts to guide it to dominance through accepted methods: military, espionage, technology, diplomacy, trade, and population one year, or game-turn, at a time.