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HOGuru Reviews – Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes

Portal of Evil opens with Vanessa Helsing discovering that her grandfather Abraham has gone missing, and quickly thereafter learning that her family is part of an ancient order tasked with protecting the world from a demon invasion through the titular doorway.  This quest takes her first through the bowels of […]

The ABC Murders Review

Fire Up The Grey Cells

The ABC Murders Review Screenshot

HIGH Saving a man's life—over the phone!

LOW Being forced to lean on the hint key because of a buggy puzzle.

WTF You want to exercise your 'Brain Cells'? Um.. you are Hercule Poirot, aren't you?

Factotum 90 Review

The Adventures of Noel & Barbara

Factotum 90 Review Screenshot

HIGH Those robots are so creepy-cute!

LOW The number of tries needed to figure out the movement of the clone.

WTF It's only available on Xbox One? Nooooo!