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Hoa Review

All Chill, No Thrill

HIGH Beautiful hand painted graphics.

LOW Relaxing gameplay… perhaps too relaxing.

WTF Not recommended for those with Entomophobia 

Indigo 7 Quest for love Review

All You Need Is Love (And The Right Color)

HIGH It’s another addictive puzzle game that I can’t stop playing! 

LOW  It’s another addictive puzzle game that I can’t stop playing. 

WTF Don’t you hate it when evil forces ruin a perfect beach day? 


A Puzzler That Pulls You In

HIGH The satisfaction of clearing a stage with minimal pauses.

LOW Input lag and speed of the comet make the pauses hard to time.

WTF Directing a comet towards paw prints in order to rescue a cat devoured by a black hole!?

Q.U.B.E. 2 Review

Standing In Valve’s Shadow

HIGH Creative puzzles and striking visual design.

LOW Why does the framerate stutter in an empty room containing nothing but moving blocks?

WTF How come space scientists keep getting abandoned on planets full of puzzles?