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Broken Love: Adoration of games that didn’t quite get it right, Part 3

Folklore Screenshot

Folklore received heavily mixed reviews upon its release back in 2007. Though it was praised by many for its dark atmosphere and emphasis on lore, it was hit hard by some for its incessant back-tracking, messy storytelling, and hit-or-miss Sixaxis controls. Though it was never deemed a complete failure (and surprisingly, got more than a couple 9/10's) there was something about it that doomed it for the bargain bin.

State of Play with Brandon Bales: David Jaffe, Part One

Welcome to the first part our final interview for Season One of State of Play with Brandon Bales!

We're thrilled to share with you our talk with David Jaffe, director and creative lead for such classics as Twisted Metal and God of War. Join us as we discuss David's humble beginnings in Sony's testing department, his work on the original Twisted Metal games (I & II), and the prevalence of gaming sequels.

State of Play with Brandon Bales: David Jaffe, Part One

Broken Love: Adoration of games that didn’t quite get it right, Part 1

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Screenshot

If you play games with any regularity, it's inevitable that you'll eventually come across a roughly-made, unbalanced, unpopular, or straight-up broken title that you grow attached to regardless of how low the score on Metacritic drops. Whatever the reason, I'm betting that every gamer out there has at least one of these awkward, ugly ducklings that they hold dear—and I've invited a group of guest writers to kiss and tell.

GrimGrimoire Review

Unicorns, Specters and Dragons, Oh My!

GrimGrimoire Screenshot

HIGH Completely overrunning the enemy with an army made up entirely of chimera and dragons.

LOW Dedicating 30 minutes to a stage, only to die and have to start all over from the beginning… AGAIN.

WTF Opalneria's gravity-defying boobs.

System and story

ICO Screenshot

Quantitatively speaking, I prefer Plants vs. Zombies to every game, ever. Plants vs. Zombies is not my favorite game. I'd say it's not even in the top 20. That honor belongs ICO, a game that typically lasts less than six hours and that I have played exactly four times, to net less than a fifth of the hours I have spent playing Plants vs. Zombies. ICO is my favorite game because of how it makes me feel.

Consoleation: .hack-ing past 200

.hack//G.U. Volume 3: Redemption Screenshot

I managed to accomplish two separate goals this week, when it comes to my PlayStation 2 collection. I was able to locate the final game in the .hack//G.U. trilogy to complete the set and I surpassed 200 total games thanks to a couple of decent hauls.

Consoleation: Addition through subtraction, Part 2

Soul Calibur II Screenshot

In addition to the original PlayStation games that I got (which I mentioned in my last blog entry), I also took advantage of a Buy 2, Get 2 Free sale on pre-owned PlayStation 2 games at a GameStop nearby the Bookmans location that I had visited. Unfortunately, the GameStop stores here in the Phoenix area are slowly getting rid of PlayStation 2 games and shipping them to other markets… so it's becoming more difficult to add games to my collection.

Consoleation: The PlayStation 2 Most-wanted List

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Screenshot

I've talked about doing a piece like this for awhile, but it's time to make it a reality. This list of games contains titles that I've been actively seeking and haven't been able to find or haven't been able to afford. Although there are more games than these out there that I'm hoping to add in the coming weeks and months, it's sad to report that I've picked clean many of the local retailers that still carry PlayStation 2 titles.