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Smite Preview

      The gods are angry with one another. I'm not entirely sure why, as the new-on-Xbox MOBA Smite doesn't have even the slightest shade of anything resembling a 'story', but they seem very set on very temporarily killing one another in what may well be their divine equivalent […]

Preview: Rive (PC, XBO, PS4, WiiU)

  Rive is an interesting departure for Two Tribes. I'm a particular fan of their previous cute-but-exacting puzzler Toki Tori, so Rive's announcement left me curious about this action-focused 2D shooter. After playing the tutorial which introduced some of the game's elements in isolation there's definite promise, but until they're […]

The Long Dark preview

Like most men who have lived overly comfortable lives, I figure I'd do pretty well if dropped into a harsh do-or-die survival scenario where it was just me against the wilderness – taking on all the worst that nature has to offer armed with nothing more than sheer willpower and […]

Deathtrap Preview

It has to be said, Deathtrap's a pretty appropriate name for this game. That's what it's all about, see. Traps, the placing of said traps, and ensuring the death of anything silly enough to wander into aforementioned traps. Hence, Deathtrap! A standard tower defence game at its core set in […]

Mushroom 11 preview

Generally speaking, I find mushrooms to be quite delicious. This outlook doesn't really apply to nuclear mushroom clouds though – I tend to view those types as terrifying harbingers of destruction primed to reduce populated areas into irradiated wastelands. Mushroom 11, naturally, is all about the latter.  Well, kind of. […]

Preview: Tulpa


The first thing I thought of when I saw Tulpa was that it's Limbo as imagined by Tim Burton. It's an easy comparison to make thanks to side-scrolling, puzzle-based play crossed with surreal imagery — it conjured Coraline in my head more than a few times.