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NARC – Review

I don't know if I've ever had lower expectations for a game than for NARC. In addition to a last-minute shift to budget title status, the title is a remake of a truly bad arcade game, famous only for being the industry's biggest sop to the government's "Just Say No" campaign. In what they hoped would be a canny marketing move, Midway hoped to cash in on the 'any publicity is good publicity' concept by making a game where the player can do drugs.

Spawn: Armageddon – Review

There's a reciprocation that comes from certain games. They give back the love that is given or better yet, they might multiply that love—those rare games that aren't played so much as they seduce the player. Games that make it easy to love them, or even games that offer up an initial bit of resistance before opening up and allowing the persistent gamer access to their hidden treasures.

Smashing Drive – Review

If theres one thing I cant understand, its the temporary insanity that seems to grip publishers when giving the green light to certain games. It just makes NO sense for a piece of junk, waste-of-resources title to hit shelves when it has absolutely no redeeming qualities other than can the fact that it boots up in your console.