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The Messenger Review

Ninjas, Nostalgia, And Nigh-Impossible Platforming

HIGH Clever story, neat characters.

LOW Being “killed” 53 times by the same boss and chase.

WTF What does Quarble spend his Time Shards on?

Inside (Switch) Review

Portable Nightmares

HIGH One of this gen’s best indies, now on the go.

LOW Nothing new here for returning players.

WTF The ending is still one of the wildest moments in all of gaming.

Namco Museum Review (Switch)

Pictures Without An Exhibition


HIGH Solid emulation quality and a wealth of configuration options.

LOW No supplemental museum-style content, HD rumble is uneven, challenge modes aren’t interesting.

WTF Why let players rotate the display without rotating or reorienting the controls to match?

Beyond Zelda: Some Other Stuff On Nintendo’s Switch

It’s pretty clear that everyone interested in the Nintendo Switch has already developed an opinion on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s the console’s biggest draw by a large margin, easily eclipsing all other launch titles. I’m here to give those lonely games some attention, though!

Here’s a quick run down of four other offerings that released alongside Zelda, all played solely in the system’s handheld mode.