Tag: Microtransactions

Blood Bowl 3 Review

HIGH Great atmosphere. Good-looking stadiums & players. Translates the boardgame rules well.

LOW Myriad glitches and bugs, frustrating multiplayer, repetitive announcing, microtransactions.

WTF Why can’t I consistently execute actions I know I should be able to execute?

Knockout City Review

Dodge This

HIGH Taking someone out with the ball they threw at me.

LOW Microtransactions in a paid release.

WTF Having a dedicated button for the phrase, “Throw me!”

Forza Motorsport 7 Review

Wave The Caution Flag

HIGH The core racing is still exceptional

LOW Spending two hours researching the in-game economy, only to have it change before the review runs.

WTF Making a racing game without Toyota is like making a Mario game without a fire flower