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Rave Master – Consumer Guide

According to the ESRB, this game contains: Comic Mischief, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes Parents should know that Rave Master fetures some sexual innuendo. Female fighter Elie's story in Story Mode involves tracking down somebody who snapped her picture while she was taking a bath. There's nothing explicit—in the photograph, she's […]

Yu Gi Oh!: 7 Trials to Glory – Review

The artistry on display here is merely one of commercial function rather than aesthetic form, akin to that of, say, a successful McDonald's advertising campaign. Sadly, just like the big M's marketing execs, it'll probably do exactly what it sets out to do: sustain the brand and make plenty of money in the process.

Yu Gi Oh!: 7 Trials to Glory – Consumer Guide

If Parents really want to protect their children, then I suggest they think twice about letting them play this game. There's nothing morally offensive in terms of content, but the idea that there are kids who will get hooked on something so inherently drab and aimless is really rather disheartening. […]

Rengoku – Review

In my recent write up of the putrid NanoBreaker, my opening comment was that killing robots as an end unto itself is boring and a waste of time—unless there's a hook. I stand by that statement, but I think it's cosmically ironic that immediately after wrapping up a review for a terrible robot-killing game, I'm writing a review for a good one. I guess it just goes to show that in the right hands, even the most seemingly unappealing or dreary subject matter can shine.

Metal Gear Acid – Review

Clearly, the goal with Metal Gear Ac!d was to score once more by launching the new PSP hardware with a proven superstar. However, this time Snake's mission is quite a bit different than his past forays, and the results are mixed.

King Arthur – Review

Let's start this week's review with a list, shall we?

Things I'd rather do than play King Arthur:

1. Jab myself in the eye with a dirty needle.
2. Wax Bea Arthur's "bikini area."
3. Go snorkeling in the sewer.
4. Punch myself repeatedly in the testicles.
5. Build a log cabin out of dog turds.
6. Roll through a briar patch naked, then take an alcohol shower.
7. Watch a 36-hour marathon of The View, followed by a Real World-esque experiment where I live with Star Jones for a year.
8. Listen to country music.
9. Model a pair of ass-less chaps for the general population of San Quentin.
10. Play Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis.