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Katamari Damacy – Second Opinion

I found Katamari Damacy brilliant thanks to its sheer simplicity of purpose. This madcap star building experience is addictive to the point of genius. Only sheer exhaustion and cramped thumbs made me stop for any period of time.

Katamari Damacy – Review

Katamari Damacy may not have the flashiest graphics or the most intuitive controls, but what it does have is something far more important: the ability to evoke a sense of wonder within me as I experience the work of such creative and inspired minds.

Katamari Damacy – Consumer Guide

Parents needn't worry. The game is bizarre, and cryptic at times, but never offensive. Bargain hunters rejoice! Katamari Damacy is an absolute steal at $20. Deaf and hard of hearing gamers can enjoy this game without any hindrance whatsoever, since all dialogue is subtitled and the vibration function can be […]