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Time for a HOGiveaway!


That’s right! It’s a giveaway!

Artifex Mundi, in addition to sending me a copy of Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter (yes, that’s actually the title) to review, sent along two Steam codes for additional copies of the game to give away!

HOGuru Reviews – Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward


HP Lovecraft adaptations always interest me. As a fan of the author’s work, I’m aware of how much material it offers for adaptation into other media. Videogames have proven especially fond of his material, recycling plots, themes, and especially monster designs since the days of text adventures. Yet Hidden Object adaptations have been oddly scarce on the ground. Despite a large number of stories which would be remarkably easy to adapt, I’ve only been able to find word of three titles. Mountains of madness, reviewed here, Cats if Ulthar, which I’m trying to find a copy of, and this game, Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward. Mountains of Madness was a stellar game – how does this one change the HPL adaptation average?

The Manhunt’n Project Part 3 – Moms React To Manhunt!

A scene typical of Manhunt.
A scene typical of Manhunt.

That’s right, I’m back for another episode of The Manhunt’n Project, in which I introduce people to the game Manhunt for the first time, and see how they react to it! This episode, I thought to myself – ‘hey, you know who’s completely unfamiliar with Manhunt? My mother.’ This is the video that resulted.