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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Consumer Guide

Parents will be glad to know that there's no foul language, sexual content or nudity in this game at all, and very little violence. In fact, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory seems designed for younger gamers. When players lose, they start exactly where they left off—with all the items they've […]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Review

Do videogames based on movies really need to hit shelves the day their films open? "Of course!" answer marketing teams everywhere. What better time for games like Van Helsing or Fantastic 4 to shake their moneymakers than when their companion films are still big news, burning brightly in people's minds? While this practice makes good money for game companies, it doesn't make good games. High Voltage's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn't meant for old fogeys like me; it's designed for children, which makes its technical flaws all the more disgusting.

Syberia II – Review

The tone and poise of its plain and sincere story are far enough removed from typical videogame fare to warrant valuing it among the few point 'n click adventures that have made it onto the current generation of consoles.

Carve – Consumer Guide

Racing Fans, check it out if you're bored. It hit the shelves at a measly $20. It's likely that it can be found for even cheaper by now. If water racing holds a special place in your heart, check it out. Xbox Live subscribers might have some interest in the […]

Serious Sam: Next Encounter – Review

Judging by the half-assed box cover art, budget price, and banal title ("Next Encounter?" That's honestly the best they could come up with?), Serious Sam: Next Encounter is clearly a game that no one, not even publisher Global Star Software, wanted.