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Video: Super Mario rescues the Princess “UNCENSORED”

Videos from Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy! have been on YouTube for months, but they were censored versions of what would ultimately become a DVD/Blu-Ray release. That DVD/Blu-Ray launched this month (May 12th) and some of the uncensored videos were put on YouTube.

The content of the video is essentially the same, but now Mario is dropping F-bombs.

(Parental Discretion is advised.)

Mazes of Fate – Review

Though I can see what the developers were going for, the dungeon-crawl genre comes pre-loaded with a few hurdles to get over, and anyone attempting to pull it off successfully has to absolutely nail the mechanics or drown the player with charm in order to avoid turning out something that's too trudging and tedious to bear. Although it's not terrible in any aspect, this game simply fails to do either.

Yggdra Union – Review

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Yggdra Union
from superb developer Sting could be described as the lovechild of the Saturn's seminal and the super-popular series, but to leave it at that would be doing both game and developers a disservice. Not only has Sting captured the essence of what makes those two games great, they've added their own unique spin to create something freshly original while being familiar enough for fans of the genre to jump right in.