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Game for Sex Vol. 1

Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix Screenshot

Sex. Making love. Intercourse. Humping. Shagging. Getting laid. Da nasty. The old in and out. Whoopie. Popping the koochie. Ahhh… I apologize for that outburst. No I wasn't trying to improve our popularity rankings in Google. In my four plus years of writing about videogames, I rarely get to talk about what goes on in the bedroom (or anywhere else for wild and adventurous ones), so I have plenty of pent up frustration on the topic.

Interview with Stan Liu – Part 1

After playing and reviewing Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, I knew almost instantly that I wanted to interview its creators at Kronos Digital. The unique blend of Hollywood-esque production values, trendy anime cyber-punk, and eastern-style mysticism topped off with gratuitous doses of ultra-violence and candid sex appeal had me wondering just what kind of mind is able to process all these different sensibilities and produce a videogame of such artistic quality.