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Interview with Eyehook Games’ Mike Muir, creator of Epic Dungeon

Epic Dungeon Screenshot

In case you weren't aware, the developers on Microsoft's Indie Games channel are in the middle of an Uprising. Sick and tired of being drowned out by a flood of cash-in crapware, the people who take game-making seriously have banded together to release a slew of high-quality titles. One of the initial games available was the superb Epic Dungeon from Eyehook Games. Mike Muir, the man behind the magic, was gracious enough to take time out of his schedule to answer a few questions about his project.

Epic Dungeon Review

Perfectly Titled

Epic Dungeon Screenshot

HIGH Finding the graves of my previous (and unsuccessful) characters.

LOW Donning a cursed item and not finding a Remove Curse scroll for 30 floors.

WTF How close I came to getting killed (twice) on Level 50.