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Madden NFL 24 Review

HIGH  Animations and AI combine to deliver unique, unpredictable gameplay.

LOW  The selection of modes hasn’t changed much in a decade.

WTF  Why do the menus have lag and load time?


HIGH The combat is a uniquely engaging turn-based system that never feels unfair.

LOW Online play is already sparsely populated.

WTF Half the NPCs in the game hate me…

FIFA 23 Review

HIGH Defensive controls are an unexpected highlight.

LOW Offensive controls are alarmingly familiar.

WTF The coaches in Career Mode are impossible to impress.

NHL 23 Review

HIGH The visuals finally feel worthy of new console horsepower…

LOW …until the replays are seen up close.

WTF SNES hockey strategy shouldn’t work in 2022.

Axis Football 2023 Review

HIGH Much more solid on-field experience; better realism, improved animations

LOW Presentation is still lacking, some minor annoyances and glitches.

WTF Why would fans want to sit BEHIND the video screens in Carolina’s stadium?

GRID Legends Review

Final Lap, I’m On Top Of The World 

HIGH Accessible racing and an interesting story mode presentation. 

LOW  It lacks content, and the story doesn’t go as far as I would hope.  

WTF Why release this the same day as Elden Ring and a week before Gran Turismo 7?