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Pyre Review


HIGH: This is the best world Supergiant has created to date.

LOW: …It’s just a shame that the gameplay is so dull.

WTF: How can so many people live in one wagon?

Bastion’s narrator speaks of next role in Transistor

Transistor (Supergiant Games) Screenshot

Few booths were as busy at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) East 2013 as that of Supergiant Games. Over the last two years, the Bastion creators have become indie superstars. Despite the circus, I found a few minutes to speak with Logan Cunningham, the voice of old man Rucks from Bastion, on how it feels to reprise his narrative role trapped inside of the eponymous weapon in Bastion's next venture: Transistor.

Scenario and story in Bastion

Bastion Screenshot

Bastion is a game with marvelous art, a wonderful soundtrack, and solid mechanics, but it was not sold to the public on the strength of these aspects. Rather, it was sold on its storytelling system, in which a narrator responds to what the main character (called only the Kid) is doing. In the game, however, the narrator actually does relatively little of this, and Bastion's plot is thinly realized, offering little insight into its characters and their motivations.

Bastion Review

The Kid Rages for a While

Bastion Screenshot

HIGH Starting New Game+ and plowing through everything.

LOW The almost-but-not-quite quality of the story.

WTF The eleventh-hour appearance of a jump function.