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Unto The End Review

Crawling In The Dark

HIGH Thick and cold atmosphere.

LOW Having to close all windows to see something on the screen.

WTF Dying at a fight 15x in a row only to win for no clear reason.

Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty Review

New? No. Tasty? Well…

HIGH Shooting Sligs while impersonating one.

LOW Dying ten times in a row because of wonky throwing controls.

WTF Seeing advertisements for other games in the Oddworld factories.

There Is No Light Preview

The staff at GameCritics were unusually excited about There is No Light, a successfully Kickstarted project coming from developers Zelart in Q3, 2021. In this rare double preview, we have thoughts from both Dan Weissenberger and Eugene Sax, each written independently of the other.