Bridge Crew

The Bridge Crew 17: Wail of the Nightdreamer

Chills will course through your body as Tim and Richard make powerful amends for a grave oversight. And then: A great deal of Elden Ring talk, a wee bit of Death Stranding talk, and absolutely no Star Trek Picard talk (next time, we promise). Plus a look back at the rhythm classic Audiosurf. Boldly go! It’s an all-new Bridge Crew!

The Bridge Crew 16: The Leap Home

Fresh from his court martial, Captain Spaeth regales the crew with his Top Ten Games of 2021. Tim and Richard go Fahrenheit 451 on The Book of Boba Fett, and VVVVVV reminds us of the good old days. Plus! The birth of the Cleveland Guardians and how to introduce your kids to baseball. What else would you expect from two incredible athletes? Welcome in to an all-new Bridge Crew!!

The Bridge Crew 13: The Scent of Champions

We tackle the age old question: What does a starship need with a theme song? Plus! Hades, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Your Bridge Crew explores a galaxy of topics, including toddler roundball, comfort gaming, League of Legends, Activision Blizzard and the end of WoW, Final Fantasy XIV, and we settle the debate over which is superior: Saints Row 3 or 4. One shall stand! One shall fall!

The Bridge Crew 10: Lay Down Your Burdens

Four months later! Your command staff catches up on family, sports, politics, and a whole lot of game business, including Tim’s Top Ten of 2020, Richard’s return to Devil May Cry, and our look back at The Polynomial. Plus: The Steam Randomizer comes through for Richard at last. We missed you! Welcome back!