Recorded at the end of August 2014. Sinan Kubba is back in the hot seat, joined by Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway and returning superstar Tim “Shuhei” Spaeth to chat about the games from the first half of the year. Also, Brad presents a case for the defense of the Vita

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I own a vita just because PS+. I own a 16gb memory card cause you have to have one and that had the best price at that date. (WTF is happening there? they are not sold by directly and so prices are actually up … before the Vita TV launch!) I own a 64gb memory card cause the vita is great. (thx to my colleague snatching it on a japan trip) But I own not a single Vita game except some crossbuy digital games. It had awesome AAA exclusives at start (possible one of the better start line ups… Read more »

Tim Spaeth
Tim Spaeth

Listening to this now that I’ve played 20 hours of actual Destiny… wow.


It’s funny but I feel exactly the same way as Chi with regard to Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is my most expected game of the year for sure, yet I fully expect to be disappointed.

You hope Bioware is still able to produce a good, maybe even great game… But DA2 was so bad… But DA:O was so good… But DA2 was sooo bad… But this time, they seem to take their time… But EA…

Wait and see, I guess.