Sinan Kubba takes roll call and finds Brad Gallaway, Chi Kong Lui, and Mike "Aesthetics" Bracken in attendance for a first period of Whatcha Been Playing, followed by an extended study on the next-gen consoles.

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Chi Kong Lui
Chi Kong Lui
9 years ago

One thing I forgot to mention about “Saving Nintendo,” in addition to making their massive backlog of titles accessible, the Wii U could also intrinsically link the 3DS and Wii U together and make crossplay a-must in all future titles. I think we’re starting to see that with some titles, but making it very clear as a long-term strategy would ensure the Wii U fortunes go with that of the successful 3DS.

9 years ago

Really excellent podcast guys, very enjoyable. The ‘Fuck Cats’ comment made me laugh out loud on the train. This isn’t meant to be a backhanded compliment but Sinan sounds like a new man. Was it recorded at a sensible hour for a change? Re: Mike being too negative. Not at all, I think he is fair-minded to a fault. Anyone who plays through the whole of Skyward Sword just so they can deliver a balanced review…man. We can always do with more negativity. Was about to buy a PS4 too, so it was a good reminder of where next gen… Read more »