According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Lyrics, Violence

Parents should be advised that younger gamers will probably find the game's difficulty too challenging. There's also some mildly offensive language, and pedestrians do tend to get unapologetically run down. In fact, running people over is virtually unavoidable, and though players are sometimes admonished, they're never penalized for doing so.

This speedy, well-crafted arcade racer should appeal to racing fans and non-racing fans alike. The game has a gritty Grand Theft Auto feel, so GTA fans will likely want to give it a try.

Fans of Jet Grind Radio and the Driver games will probably also be interested.

Fans of third-person action games might also find the game appealing, since it's basically a third-person action game that happens to take place in a car. The Career mode, Arcade mode, online play (broadband only), and the ability to create my own personal races-albeit along pre-determined tracks-means that gamers will get plenty of game for their dollar.

Politically correct gamers should also be warned: a few of the game's characters veer dangerously close to racist stereotypes.

All cut scenes are subtitled, so Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers should have no trouble enjoying the game.

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