The recent cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 has gotten me thinking about all the wonderful gaming memories I've had with the blue bomber. As opposed to a long-winded blog post, I decided to share some of these experiences with the general Internet population. Thus, I present for the enjoyment of the masses, a let's play of Mega Man X, starring yours truly. You might remember me discussing this game on a recent podcast, so I'll direct you there to find out why this particular game is so near and dear to me. I've never done a let's play before, so any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

Richard Naik

Richard Naik

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Richard received his first console (the NES) at the age of six, and from that point on games have been an integral part of his life, whether it's been frittering summers away with the likes of Mario, Mega Man, and the Zerg or partaking in marathon sessions of Halo, Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead. After being a longtime reader of GameCritics, Richard joined the staff in March of 2009, and over the years Richard grew into the more prominent role of part-time podcast host.

In 2016, he spearheaded a complete rebuild of the website, earning him the title of Chief Engineer.

His gaming interests are fairly eclectic, ranging from 2D platformers to old-school-style adventure games to RPGs to first-person shooters. So in other words, he’ll play pretty much anything.
Richard Naik
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10 years ago

X was awesome(and zero 1), the first MM game with a good story or at the least one you could not ignore. After that things got samey but not bad that did not happen till X5 or X6 or so, X7 just turned me off the series completely. Mega man in general is due for an overhaul and with the death of MML3 it seems Mega man is dead, why is so hard for capcom to just do a proper 3D/console mega man thats a mix of Metroid Prime and MML minus towns? Is it that hard to do? You… Read more »