Our annual GOTY afterparty gets into full swing as we talk about Tales from the Borderlands, our surprise runner-up from 2015. Also on the agenda: vibrators and near-death experiences. Featuring Richard Naik, Brad Gallaway, Mike Suskie, and Corey Motley.

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6 years ago

Another great show guys! You might as well skip the gaming past haha!!! Again, I love you guys when you talk about non-gaming topics… Then, my comments on you discussing kids: when I was living with the mrs. for a while, being around 35 years old, after some time I thought to myself:”okay, I traveled the world, finnished my education, I’m done with the bigger projects in life, now what?” It seemed all great, and we could just go on for years like this, going out for dinner, see a movie, and so on, but I felt that after while,… Read more »