We’ve had over a year with the new generation of consoles, and we take a look at who is providing the best playing experience for our hard earned money. Spoiler: it’s not Ubisoft. Plus we talk a little bit about the closing of Club Nintendo and revisit one of our favorite topics from yesteryear in the Games that Made Us, this time focused two of our best friends. Featuring Richard Naik, Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Suskie, and Aaron “the Iron Man.”

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Brad Gallaway
Brad Gallaway
7 years ago

Hey Zippy!

Wish we could, but transcribing takes up an ENORMOUS amount of time unless you’re a stenographer-type person, so there’s just no way we can do it. It takes pretty much all our resources and free time to keep the site running and to even DO the podcast… There’s just nothing left for transcription.

THAT SAID, if anybody out there wants to volunteer to transcribe, I’d happily accept it.

7 years ago

I know transcribing is a pain but it would be nice if you guys offered text because I have no podcast time to slot anything extra even have to pass up Jim Sterling’s podcasts most of the time. ><

7 years ago

Metroid Prime is my 3rd favourite game of all time, but I can really understand Chi’s disinterest in it. I’m playing it for the 15th, yes thats 15 times, right now. Here’s some of it’s problems: -It’s a slow paced game compared to other shooters. More an issue of Personal choice -It’s combat is passable to above average, ( but I still don’t mind it) -There a shit tonne of unnecessary backtracking. -Finding the temple artefacts is a chore. -Apart from the Chozo lore, the written story telling in the logs is a waste. -Areas like Magmoor caverns and Phazon… Read more »