We had so much fun doing our Game of the Year show we decided to invite some of our best friends to a special supplemental episode. All the major awards are covered, including a surprise GOTY pick. Featuring Richard Naik, Tim "I'm a damn man" Spaeth, Michael "Mac" Cunningham, and Jeffrey Matulef.

00:00-00:04 – Intros

00:04-00:16 – Lee Everett Memorial Award for Best Character

00:16-00:30 – WTF Moment of the Year

00:30-00:40 – Non-2013 Game of the Year

00:40-00:56 – The Michaels

00:56-01:20 – Too Human Awards for Inexplicable Excellence

01:20-01:29 – Phil Fish Award for The Worst Thing in an Otherwise Good Game

01:29-01:35 – The Jeffreys

01:35-01:45 – The Timses

01:45-01:58 – Steaming Pile Awards for Worst Game

01:58-Close – Game of the Year

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9 years ago

Thanks Richard.

Another good show. Tim, Jeffery and Mac were all good guests.

I don’t know who the ‘ A ‘ team is anymore.