Not For Broadcast Review

The Media Killer

HIGH Controlling the masses instead of being controlled is a welcomed change.

LOW Figuring out viewer ratings is as difficult as rocket science!

WTF Why do the devs think I’m going to sit through this 14 times?

Elex II Review

The All-Sprinkles Sundae Gets Another Scoop

HIGH The reveal of what’s going on with the villains.

LOW Trying to fight anything but the lowest-level monsters with a sword.

WTF There are two different monsters, both called “Rippers”.

Martha Is Dead Review

…And I’m Not Feeling So Good Either

HIGH An accurate reconstruction of ’40s Italy with pleasant graphics.

LOW Too much gore and not enough research into characters’ psyches

WTF The newspaper written in two languages.

Beyond A Steel Sky Review

The ’90s Strike Back With a Vengeance

HIGH Strong writing and nostalgic vibes.

LOW Repetitive puzzles and a janky overall look.

WTF Why do I feel like I wouldn’t mind living in Union City?