Seed Of Life Review

Let There Be (Enough) Light

HIGH The environmental graphics aren’t that bad.

LOW The repetitious nature of gameplay.

WTF Being robbed of the “Interact” button because of a bug was… something.

Deathloop Review

Live, Die, Repeat

HIGH The wide variety of viable approaches to nearly any situation.

LOW An almost intolerable amount of bugs.

WTF These endings are absurdly inadequate given the emphasis on story and lore.

Lost At Sea Review

Stranded in an Ocean of Memories

HIGH The appreciation of life’s various phases.

LOW The dark ooze chasing the player randomly.

WTF The 20 school buses stacked on top of each other.

Black Book Review

Knowing The Knower

HIGH Wonderfully rich cultural content rarely seen in games.

LOW Some of the puzzle battles are incredibly tricky.

WTF That’s how you become immortal??

Scarlet Nexus Review

I Tried My Hardest To Make A Telekinesis Joke 

HIGH Enjoyable combat.

LOW  Fairly generic mission structure and combat scenarios. 

WTF This is the Force Unleashed iteration we never got.  

Lost Judgment Review

I’m Out Of Lawyer Puns

HIGH It’s still the best way to beat the hell out of people in modern gaming.

LOW Some of the original Judgment‘s nagging issues are still present

WTF …Is this series really ending because of pig-headed Japanese talent agents?