Songbird Symphony Review

A Day At The Opera

HIGH The positive energy provided by the atmosphere.

LOW Puzzles that value patience over creativity.

WTF One of the habitats is being inhabited by dating gurus.

Gravity Ghost Review

A Gentler Fox Hunt

HIGH The Mouse Guardian.

LOW The “Starstuff” levels require more precision than the controls deliver.

WTF Girl, I don’t think you really wanna hug that porcupine.

SimplePlanes Review

Not So Simple And Not Just Planes

HIGH A combo of stock/procedural parts for great elasticity in building. 

LOW Lack of a proper multiplayer mode.

WTF Why is my submarine flying?

Rolling Gunner Review

Rolling in the Deep

HIGH Rich shooting and scoring mechanics, fantastic level design, smart UI.

LOW Bland ship and environments, the premise is cliché.

WTF How can a bullet-hell shooter this good have no online leaderboard?