What titles did GameCritics staffer Paul Stuart choose as his ten favorite of 2017? He’ll get right to the point and tell you!


1 – Wolfenstein II, PS4, Xbox One, PC

This is the definitive single player, first-person shooter experience on the modern console, one amazingly capable of simultaneously pulling at heartstrings while pumping adrenaline. Level designs are simply stellar. Wolfenstein II is a near flawless title, thus my Game of the Year.


2 – Assassin’s Creed Origins, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ubisoft went back to the drawing board, and in doing so created the first truly fresh-feeling Assassin’s Creed in years. Back are stealth mechanics, engaging side missions, a logical leveling up system, and a game that eats up hours without blinking an eye. Thankfully the glitches of yore are few and far between.


3 – Super Mario Odyssey, Switch

Nintendo’s crowning achievement for its surprising console hit is also perhaps the best Mario game in years… And it’s portable! The hat mechanic simply works, and worlds to explore are truly open. This is inarguably the system seller the Switch was made for… and now has.


4 – Robo Recall, Oculus Rift

If ever there was proof that VR works, this is it. Featuring wonderful touch controller integration, outstanding visuals, and an often-hysterical script combine for a terrific time. A bonus? It’s free with Touch Controller purchase.


5 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, PS4, Xbox One, PC

While the first was good, the sequel is so much better. The Nemesis System truly shines this time around, and the army recruit system adds a great wrinkle to an already solid foundation.


6 – The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, Switch

Tried and true, but with a beautiful new coat of paint, Afterbirth+ is a sneaky-great title tailor-made for a portable (and adult audiences.) The Switch’s dual analog sticks work like a charm, and the take-it-with-you nature of the console means you can always have one more go while on the go.


7 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Switch, WiiU

Yet another outstanding Zelda title, and like Isaac, it’s one you can take with you. The atmosphere is among the best in the series, even if hampered by an odd breakable weapon system. Gorgeous artwork, music, and menus create a truly meaningful experience.


8 – Injustice 2, PS4, Xbox One

An oddly quiet success, it’s one of the best-looking and playing fighters on consoles, and with it a cool new fighting system that actually maximizes its comic book license. A clever and surprisingly interesting campaign mode also ensures Injustice 2 doesn’t get stale. Much better than the original.


9 – NBA Live 18, PS4, Xbox One

After a year’s absence, EA finally gave basketball fans something different and fun to play. While it has work to do, awesome character models, robust online modes and a player development system that doesn’t rely on microtransactions or grinding are refreshing changes of pace.


10 – Lone Echo, Oculus Rift

Lone Echo pulls off the unexpected by truly recreating zero gravity and the isolation of space. It’s a bit short, but well worth the price of admission, and a truly beautiful game. (VR “sea legs” required though.)

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