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F1 2019 Review

Rubbin’, Son, Is Racin’

HIGH The Formula 2 addition is both substantial and welcome

LOW The “Legends” DLC is a monumental disappointment

WTF A setting for tax evasion would make it more authentic

Night Call Preview

Night Call opens with a dimly lit shot of the Eiffel Tower. While such a picture of Paris is conventional, Night Call’s potential shines brightest in the unconventional story it tells. 

Scavengers Preview

Recently, GameCritics was invited to get a hands-on demo of Scavengers, the new third-person team action game coming from recently-formed Midwinter Entertainment.

Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST Preview

Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST is an asymmetric multiplayer game where five scavengers are attempting to deliver to blood banks scattered around the arena while avoiding the single hunter that’s trying to kill them.