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Diablo IV Review

HIGH That moment when rare gear drops into existence is as pleasing as ever.

LOW There’s way too much repetition in the enemy encounters, designs and events.

WTF The real money skins cost an absolute fortune for things players will barely be able to see.

VIDEO PREVIEW: Alone in the Dark (2023)

Alone in the Dark is back! After a 15 year absence — and yes, I’m aware of the terrible co-op shooter from 2015, it doesn’t count – the literal first name in survival horror is back! GameCritics was invited to an online preview event, and I have thoughts!

PREVIEW The Arkham Asylum Files: Panic in Gotham City

POW! SOCK!! BLAM!!! As modern pop-media consumers, we’ve heard about comic books “coming to life” time and time again – but Infinite Rabbit Holes — a project from studio Animal Repair Shop — is claiming to do that like never before with their Arkham Asylum Files series of deluxe mixed-reality game boxes. The first in the series is out now, it’s beefy, and it’s ambitious!


HIGH The combat is a uniquely engaging turn-based system that never feels unfair.

LOW Online play is already sparsely populated.

WTF Half the NPCs in the game hate me…