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Depression, Soulsbornes, Sekiro and Survival

My first experience with a From game occurred during one of the
worst episodes of depression in my life. Stuck in a soul-sapping job and
surrounded by people who constantly made me feel diminished, I had stopped
trying to improve my situation. The only energy I could muster went towards
surviving the day. I’d get home from work, lose myself in a TV show or a game,
and then pass out. Rinse, repeat. 

Team Sonic Racing Review

Everybody’s Super Sonic Racin’ To Mediocrity

HIGH That opening theme song, yo.

LOW Lacks the pizzazz and nostalgia that made the previous such a good time.

WTF Sega had one job: put Segata Sanshiro in the game. They failed.

Sekiro Second Opinion

Sometimes Thrice

After a few health- and attack-ups, the middle section is great. 

The frustration of forced delays between attempts at the toughest bosses.

Why do so many of the prosthetics feel inconsequential?

Rage 2 Review

Pretty In Pink

HIGH Satisfying gunplay, and a nearly limitless supply of it.

LOW Could use a bit more personality.

WTF An anticlimactic encounter against a boss teased in the opening level.

Jupiter & Mars Review

Prevent Pollution By Putting Everyone To Sleep

HIGH A nice environmentalist undertone.

LOW Constantly slamming on the X button to make the levels navigable.

WTF Awkward, uncomfortable PSVR implementation.