Mike (@MikeSuskie) and Dan (@gc_danny) have a lot to say about Resident Evil 7, and it’s almost universally positive. Join them for an in-depth discussion, and then join them again after the final musical break for some spoiler talk. In between, they get giddy over killing Nazis and talk some smack about Paul Anderson (the bad one).

*SPOILER WARNING for Resident Evil 7*

Also, here’s Dan toying around with RE7 in VR:

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Mike Suskie

Mike Suskie

Mike's first exposure to video games was when his parents bought him a Game Boy and a copy of Kirby's Dream Land. Completing it gave him the boost of confidence that launched a lifelong enthusiasm for the medium. Later in his life, he went back and discovered that Kirby's Dream Land is actually a laughably easy game that can be finished in about 20 minutes, but no matter.

He was born and raised in Amish country and has yet to escape, despite a brief stint in Philadelphia, where he attended Temple University. He took a one-credit course there called "Career Opportunities for English Majors," which painted a bleak picture for prospective writers. Mike remains steadfast in his ongoing role as a video game critic, however, and has recently written for GamesRadar. Most of his work can be found on HonestGamers, where he has contributed over 200 reviews to date.

When not playing games or writing about them, Mike is a rabid indie music fan and ardent concertgoer. He doesn't read as much as he probably should, but his current favorite author is Alastair Reynolds.
Mike Suskie

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4 years ago

Sorry game critics podcast, but I’m done.

It was good, while you were good, but not anymore.

Where once you could get balanced sobriety and healthy scepticism in the discussion, now it’s indistinguishable from any other biased lavishings of countless podcasts available. An identity of your own dwindled alway into same-y irrelevance.

And I’m just not interested in Brad and Coreys podcast for too many reasons to annunciate.

As so it goes in the generic boredom of this generation of games which I feel is the worst in a long time, so goes the GC podcasts.

Brad Gallaway
4 years ago
Reply to  tom

Sorry to hear that our shows aren’t for you anymore. We’re always open to suggestions and feedback on ways to improve, so if you ever want to give us some ideas as to what might make for more interesting listening, I think we’d be open to hearing it.

Thanks for your past patronage!

4 years ago
Reply to  Mike Suskie

You did a fine job. I’d like to hear you two do a podcast on RE4, actually.