According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Language, Violence

Parents have little to fear from Lord of the Rings. While the game may have garnered a T rating, there’s really nothing all that offensive or disturbing in the game. There’s lots of fighting and a little blood, but it’s nothing that’s going to traumatize little Johnny.  

Tolkien fans will no doubt be interested in the title, particularly since it recreates the book’s storyline and not the film (which left out some pretty significant parts of the story. While the game is certainly faithful to the book, the dull-as-dishwater gameplay will make struggling through Fellowship of the Ring a chore for even the most diehard fan.  

Casual gamers will want to take a ‘rent before you buy’ approach, as the game’s short length and uninspired gameplay make this a title that few people will want to have in their in permanent collection.

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